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Building management services that care.

A Sydney based entity, Strata Edge provides exceptional quality within the strata, facility and building management industry. Alongside their 25+ years’ experience, efficiency is the cornerstone of the business, positioning them at the forefront of the industry. A testament to their ability, they provide best practices and a modern standard of service for Owners Corporations, Company Titles and Community Associations all over Sydney, comprising of residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.


Strata Edge approached Word Up with a vision for its website and company profile content to reflect its leading position in the industry while simultaneously mirroring the company’s professionalism, experience and philosophy. Our team of strategists established an appropriate website structure and content to appeal to all who visit their website, reflecting their brand story and, more importantly, their incredible professionalism. We designed their website content to inspire their audience the same way that their passion inspired us, encouraging all who interact with their business to engage, understand, and trust Strata Edge.